Friday, October 12, 2007

Atheism for Kids -a warning by the Catholic League

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, an organization that bills itself as an "anti-defamation league" for the Catholic Church (as if one can truly defame fantasy and superstition), is protesting the new Nicole Kidman film, The Golden Compass, which is produced by New Line Cinema and Scholastic Entertainment.

The League apparently finds it to be:

“Atheism for kids. That is what Philip Pullman sells," said Mr. Donohue.

He continued: "The trilogy, His Dark Materials, was written to promote atheism and denigrate Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism. The target audience is children and adolescents. Each book becomes progressively more aggressive in its denigration of Christianity and promotion of atheism."
Donohue warns that "the movie is bait for the books." Hell, I didn't even know about the movie until I read the news item about the protest. Thanks, Catholic League! This is a don't miss movie for December for me! I might even get the books!

Seriously, protests like this always seem to create interest rather than drive people away.

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circlealpha said...

seriously... one of my long-term career goals as an athiest musician is to get boycotted or at least protested by at least one prominent christian organization. not only would it do wonders for my download sales, it'd be just about the coolest thing I can think of to brag about at family re-unions to my god-head relatives *evil laugh*.