Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kudos to Net Nanny for adding WorldNutDaily to their Blocked List

At first I didn't believe it as I read the article on WorldNutDaily (http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56438) about a WorldNutter who was unable to access the site after installing the software, which he believes will keep his 11-year old from accessing porn.

But after reading the article, they showed a picture very much like this one:

Net Nanny nailed WorldNutDaily right: "Hate/Violence" in their content. Mostly hate.

Recent commentaries at that hate and violence filled site reveals articles such as the one by Mike Adams who announces his intention to allow children fornicate with adult pedophiles in his home -whether or not he truly plans to do so is unknown, but he certainly makes it clear that he disagrees with statutory rape laws (Why I Support Statutory Rape, 7/2/07).

And WorldNutDaily has a long history of anti-gay/anti-lebian commentary that is flat out hateful. One of the more recent articles is Not even baseball safe from 'gay' promotions (7/1/07), where WorldNutters imply that because hats for kids are being given away the same day as "Pride" celebrations at the ball park, it must be a subversive effort to "convert" our nation's youth to homosexuality. It's as if they believe homosexuality is something to be caught like the common cold should an unvaccinated child be exposed to colorful clothing or the mere voice of singer who happens to be gay. If it weren't for ilk like WorldNutDaily readers/writers who are constantly displaying their bigotry and prejudice toward homosexuals, there would be no need for Pride events.

So my hat (if I were to wear one) is off to Net Nanny. Filter that hatred and violence.

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