Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Cool Parody of Dateline NBC: To Catch an Atheist

I'm not the only new blogger to the atheist blogosphere. That Atheist Guy's Blog has several interesting posts, beginning with June of 2007. The Friendly Atheist picked up on his parody of Dateline and that's how I found him.

It makes me wonder if the recent success of atheist books like The God Delusion and God is Not Great among others is helping inspire new bloggers on the topic of atheism, freethought, and religious skepticism. If so, this is a good thing since the more people who share their atheism and the more Christians who recognize that there are atheists among them in their families, places of business, schools, and even their circles of friends, the better.

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that atheist guy said...

Thanks for the link.

My blog was supposed to be mainly reports from our NYC Atheists table but I haven't been able to get there much this summer. As for books, the first one that got me fired up was The End of Faith by Sam Harris. I have pretty much been an atheist all my life but I didn't get my thoughts in order until I read Sam's book.