Sunday, September 16, 2007

Black Collar Criminal: Wacko from Waco

Sixty-three year old Henry Edgington, was the pastor of Elm Mott Church of Christ until he stepped down this week.

Why did he step down, you ask? He was found to have child pornography in his home and on the computer at the Czech Inn, a local hotel where Edgington worked part time. His future daughter-in-law apparently found a locked box at his home, which she turned over to police, that contained child porn. The police then found child porn on the computer at the Czech Inn (he didn't have a home computer) and arrested Edgington.

Edgington's excuse is that he was "conducting research" on child porn in an effort to "get child porn off of the internet."

Right. He was doing it one pornographic image at a time, all the while building a personal library of images depicting children in pornographic pose. Not surprisingly, the members of his church have rallied behind him, perhaps believing the claim that he was working on the side of good and not actually a perverted pastor of pedophilia.

The give away to his true efforts is that he kept the padlocked box of porn, not in a study of office where most of us who do research work, but in his bathroom. The place where you go blind.

If Christianity actually worked, and if it were truly the way to live a good life, wouldn't one expect that religious leaders would be paragons of virtue? The apologist has no hesitation, I'm sure, in pointing out that even pastor's are human; others will say "if he was a true Christian, ..." It's very interesting how these lame excuse are so easily and so frequently used. Sometimes I have to wonder if there is any such thing as a "true Christian" or a "true Muslim." It's also lucky for sports fans that the rules of football don't allow goal posts to move so readily during a game.

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vjack said...

Ah yes, the "he not a true Christian" claim. I've always loved that one. When that fails, they resort to the "Christ was divine, but we are human" argument. Sorry Christians, but you don't get to have it both ways. You can't condemn us for being godless and then turn around and play the "he's only human" card.